Rules of the night blitz tournament for couples

Available at the schedule you will find in this web. The celebration of these tournaments is subject to a minimum number of 50 players.

Games will start at 11 pm.

Couples and ELO
Couples must be made up of 2 players, who may be of the same or different sexes. The ELO points of each pair will be calculated by adding the ELO FIDE blitz points of each member of the pair. In case a player does not have ELO FIDE blitz, he will be assigned 995 points. This sum will be used both to determine the initial ranking and to establish the prizes for which the pair opts.

Gaming system
Swiss system to a minimum of 9 rounds. The pairings will be carried out by means of the Swiss Manager program, with the arbitration team being responsible for them.

The two players who are part of a pair will play each game alternately, without being able to communicate during the game. In the event that any attempt at communication between the two members of the pair is detected during a game, the referee will consider the game as lost for the offending pair. The result will be a draw if the opposing team cannot make mate through any legal sequence of moves.

Game rhythm
3 minutes + 2 seconds per play.

A single competition group will be established, but with two separate classifications:
  • General classification.
  • Classification Group B: pairs with sum of ELO FIDE blitz less than 4000 points.

The tournament registration fee must be paid no later than 10:30 PM on the day of the tournament. If the registration fee has not been paid, the couple will not be able to take part in the tournament.

The list of registered players will be published at 22:30 on the day of the tournament in the game room. Players may notify the Organization of any errors in these lists until 10:45 PM at the latest on the same day of the event.