Open - Special prizes

Ranking of players staying at Sunway Playa Golf Hotel & Spa

To qualify for these prizes, the player must have stayed at the official hotel for at least 8 nights during the Festival, without having received any invitation from the Festival Organization.

300 € + trophy
150 €
100 €

These prizes will be paid by bank transfer upon completion of the Festival, once the appropriate checks have been performed by the organizers. These prizes can be combined with other prizes.

Best veteran

The Festival will consider as veteran any player who has met or turns 65 during 2021. Best veteran player in each group (A and B) that has not been invited by the Organization of the Festival will receive a special prize of 50 € and a trophy.

Children’s and juvenile’s prizes

There will be a special trophy for:

  • Top 2 players born in 2005 or later (sub-16) from each group (A and B).
  • Top 2 players born in 2009 or later (sub-12) from each group (A and B).
  • Top 2 players born in 2011 or later (sub-10) in group B.
These prizes are accumulative with any other prize that each player may have won.