Rules for rapid chess tournaments

Available at the schedule you will find in this web. The celebration of these tournaments is subject to a minimum number of 50 players.

The games will start at the time indicated in the aforementioned agenda.

9 rounds.

Pace of play:
15 minutes + 10 seconds per play.

Groups of play:
A unique competition group will be established. All players must have a valid FIDE license, as the tournament will be evaluated for rapid FIDE ‘s ELO.

Registration fees for each of the rapid chess tournaments must be paid no later than one hour before of the tournament’s celebration day.

Both the game room and the registration listings will be published before of the celebration day of each of the rapid chess tournaments, both at the entrance of the game room. Players should advice the Organization if they find any errors in these listings up to 5 minutes before the start of each of these events.