Rules for simultaneous games sessions

Available at the schedule you will find in this web.

Limitation of players:
Games will be played up to 25 boards for each participating International Grandmaster.

The registration fee is free for players staying at the official hotel (*). For other players, the registration fee is 25 €.

Registration for simultaneous games will be open only to players staying at the official hotel (*) until 10 pm of the previous day, and will be confirmed by order of request until the maximum number of players is reached. If positions are still available, those players not staying at the hotel will be able to register from 10 pm of the day before the games take place, until half an hour before the start of those games, or to the limit of available boards.

Preference will be given at registration at the second session of simultaneous games to those players staying at the official hotel (*), who desired to participate in the games on the first day, but could not do it because the limit of boards available was reached.

(*) A player will be considered to be staying at the official hotel if he or she spends a minimum of 9 nights throughout the Festival at Hotel Club Sunway Punta Prima.