Measures that will be implemented, among others, to prevent Covid-19 infections during the event:

  • Mandatory use of a mask at all times (except during meals)
  • Capacity limitation
  • Distance between people and game boards
  • Provision of hydroalcoholic gel in all spaces
  • Constant disinfection with virucidal products prescribed by the health authorities
  • Temperature control for players, companions, referees, organization staff, etc.
  • Prohibition of public during games
  • Electronic publication of all the festival information (rankings, pairings, etc.)
  • Existence of action protocol for people with symptoms
  • Hotel (gaming venue) certified in protection measures against Covid-19

You can view and download the full protocol here PROTOCOL OF ANTI COVID-19 MEASURES (Pdf)

Reimbursement for Covid-19 related causes

Given the global pandemic of the Covid-19 decreed by the World Health Organization on 11 March 2020, the organizers of the Sunway Sitges International Chess Festival 2020 inform all participants that all amounts previously paid by participants (whether as deposit, registration or accommodation booking) will be refunded (in full and at any time) in each and every one of the following cases, all related to situations of proven force majeure related to the Covid-19:

- That the legislative body of the place where the festival is held decrees one of the following measures during the dates on which the event is held:

  • The area/region/city where the festival is held is closed and inaccessible to festival participants.
  • Prohibit the holding of international sports competitions. .
  • Prohibit the entry of people from the country where the participant resides. .
  • Prohibit the entry of persons of the nationality of the participant.
  • Any other decree or measure not stipulated above that does not allow the organisation to hold the festival.

- That the legislating body of the competitor's country of origin prohibits travel/visits to the country/area/city where the event is held during the dates of the event.

- That the country of origin of the competitor restricts mobility or decrees the closure of borders with Spain or restricts travel to Catalonia.

- That at the time of the start of the festival the participant is in a period of quarantine (preventive or due to illness), or has been diagnosed with Covid-19 disease. To prove this case, reliable medical evidence must be presented.