Tournament rules

Day and Time

Saturday, July 20, 2024, confirmation and payment at 9 a.m., tournament starts at 9:30 a.m.

Game room

Hotel Sunway Platja Golf - Passeo Marítimo 92 - 08870 Sitges.


9 rounds Swiss System, pairings will be made with Swiss Manager and no claims will be accepted in this regard, unless the referee considers it necessary.

Rhythm of play

3 minutes + 2 seconds per move.

Groups and Elo

Single group with a minimum of 25 registered players, valid for FIDE blitz Elo and fast FCE Elo.


It will be done first by FIDE blitz Elo and then by fast FCE elo.

Award ceremony

They will be delivered at noon, at the end of the last round. It is mandatory to collect the prize in person, otherwise it is understood that the prize is forfeited.


until the 19th at 9pm by:

Registration fees

Single payment of €15. Free for IM and/or GM.


1st place €250 + trophy

2nd classified €150 + trophy

3rd place €50 + trophy

Eliminated players

Players not presented in the first round will be eliminated.

Waiting time

3 minutes.


The use of mobile phones or any other communication device in the playing area and in any other area designated by the referee is prohibited for everyone, unless their authorization is available. The player whose phone rings will lose the game.

Tournament Director:

Francesc González Alonso


There will be no Appeals Committee, so as not to hinder the proper functioning of the tournament, the arbitration decisions will be final during the tournament, an official claims form will be available in the game room where the corresponding claim can be made in writing to the corresponding bodies of the Catalan Chess Federation.


Ties in the final classification will be resolved as follows:

  • 1. Particular result.
  • 2. Recursive performance.
  • 3. Performance.
  • 4. Average ELO of opponents (minus the two worst).
  • (Tiebreaks 2,3 and 4 will be drawn at the end of the last round).
Referee team

The main referee will be AI Manuel Navarro Pérez.


Participants transfer the right to their image to the organization for the dissemination of the event.

The organization reserves the right of admission as well as the possibility of canceling the tournament due to force majeure.

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